Saioa Aranceta-Sieracki strives to help people lead better lives by establishing great therapist-client relationships. As a licensed clinical social worker, she works with people of all ages and backgrounds that are in need of help. By providing her clients an office environment that feels safe, warm, and open to solution-focused ideas, Saioa hopes to empathetically assist clients resolve their issues and create the change they are looking for in any way possible. 


Her recent accomplishments and ability to breakthrough to her clients is the result of a strong academic foundation. With a Masters Degree in Social Work from the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana, she has also gained considerable professional clinical experience over the years. A partner in a private practice with Dr. Sharon DiGiacomo, chief psychologist and renowned specialist in neurological disorders, Saioa has been able to learn and grow as a professional due to working directly with clients. 


Saioa prioritizes the therapist-client relationship above anything else. She aims to create a safe and non-judgmental space, where her clients feel comfortable sharing their most vulnerable and deepest struggles. By developing this relationship, Saioa has been able to treat children, adolescents and adults struggling emotionally due to divorce, separation/blending of families and a variety of mental health issues that include anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder and ADHD or executive functioning issues. 

Using a variety of age-appropriate treatment interventions such as Play Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Filial Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, and Applied Behavioral Analysis, Saioa goes above and beyond her duty to diagnose and treat her clients. Saioa prioritizes her clients, but when she does find time to reflect, the impact her therapy has had on her clients gives her the motivation she needs to keep getting better. It fuels her passion to do even more.


          "We all need someone who understands"- Magda Gerber


Using the words of Magda Gerber as a framework of how she operates, Saioa looks to create a bond between herself and her clients – a bond that makes her a trusted confidant of her clients. Therapy can be an ineffective tool if the recipient is not willing or hesitant towards it. By developing a deep and secure relationship, Saioa is able to get through to her clients effectively and make significant breakthroughs that help them lead successful and content lives.  


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