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I have always been drawn to the idea that we can truly live the life that we want, regardless of our past or current situations. A life that allows us to accept what we confront on a daily basis and walk into it with the best version of ourselves—the self that already exists but it buried. It may seem like we can’t wake up every morning ready to tackle the things waiting for us—ready to change our stories—but we can. Our limitations arise from finding ourselves stuck in a mental space or behavioral habits that require a dose of understanding, connectedness and reshaping.  

Therapy in my office is a physical and emotional space where growth develops and change occurs. As your therapist, I am committed to holding your hand through it all and walking the journey to change your story and daily outcomes.  


"We all need someone who understands."
- Magda Gerber

Using the words of Magda Gerber as a framework, I look to create a bond between myself and my clients - a bond that makes me a trusted confidant. Therapy is an effective tool if the recipient is willing to participate in it. Investing in the development of a deep and secure relationship allows me to get through to clients effectively and guide them to significant breakthroughs that help them lead successful and content lives.  


Adult Care

• Individual Counseling 

• Couples Counseling

• Anxiety and Depression

• Neurological Disorders such as 
   ADHD and Bipolar

• Family and Relationship Difficulties 

• Relaxation and Mindfulness Training


Adolescents and Child Care

• Childhood Anxiety and OCD

• Child and Adolescent Depression

• Behavioral Problems 

• Social and School Struggles 

• ADHD and Executive Functioning Difficulties

Parent and Family Care

• Parental Coping and Hardships

• Managing and Strategizing
   Disruptive Behaviors 

• Improve Parent/Child Relationship

• Impact of Divorce and Separation 

• Co-Parenting Strategies 


In-School Observation

• Program Modification Assistance 

• School Staff Resources




5600 North River Road

Suite 800

Rosemont, IL 60018

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