What is Online Therapy?

Online therapy is the delivery of mental health counseling via the Internet. People also know it as e-therapy, distance therapy, Internet therapy and web therapy. Therapists and online therapy networks use a variety of mediums such as apps for texting, video chatting, voice messaging and audio messaging.

Studies have proven the efficacy of therapy via the internet to the point where it has become a viable alternative and supplement to in-office therapy. There are often instances wherein clients choose online therapy over in-office therapy – even outside of logistics boundaries such as scheduling and finances.

How do I get started?

To engage in online therapy, you will need to sign up for Talkspace and request to match with me as your therapist. You will have a "therapy room" with Talkspace and payment will go to them. Talkspace will notify me that you have signed up and you will begin therapy within hours. Begin your journey here.



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